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Our understanding of commercial market demands, and our determination to meet those demands, makes us a formidable team player.

  • Each project is value engineered and material suppliers pressed for best pricing.
  • Project specs are reviewed to be sure the product chosen will meet expectations.
  • Job site schedules are monitored for changes.
  • We do introductory walks of job sites to understand site access, safety requirements, parking arrangements, unloading locations and times, introduce ourselves to job supervisory personal, locate work areas and verify that power and lighting are available.
  • Insurance requirements, payment schedules, billing cut-off dates, etc. are all confirmed.
  • We research availability and delivery of raw products to assure a ‘Just In Time’ job site delivery schedule.
  • We match production schedules at our shop to actual job site demands. The flexibility advantage of utilizing our sizeable shop and experience in 24-hour shift work means large, demanding jobs are where we especially shine.
  • Additional job site walks verify that all preliminary supporting structures are correctly in place, allowing installation crews to proceed without delays.
  • We push hard to completion to be sure deadlines are met.
  • Finally we work closely with job superintendents to resolve possible punch list items.
Commercial work is demanding and that’s why we are proud of our efforts having resulted in an exemplary industry reputation. Our workmanship has produced many healthcare work surfaces used daily, including, but not limited to, operating room wall paneling, nurse’s stations, patient rooms and main entry foyers. We have also completed numerous retail surfaces such as mall food courts, corporate break rooms, restrooms, factory workstations, car dealerships, casinos, dentist offices, restaurants, truck stop shower stalls/vanities and more.

Finally, not only do we service the State of Arizona, but also successfully ship products across the country.

Testimonials of Customers Who Took the Time to Send us Written Comments

  • We…commend you for superb customer orientation. We look forward to using the services of D. Moe in the future and will recommend the company to friends. Sincerely, Laura Humphrey
  • Thank you for the excellent job you and your men did installing our Corian countertops. The two men you sent were professional, courteous and a pleasure to have in our home. We will recommend you with enthusiasm…. Sincerely, Ted Waldron
Jake Kershner
Jake, Commercial Project Manager