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Customer Satisfaction Is Our Priority

My wife Else and I ventured into the DuPont Corian business shortly after the start of our marriage... We loved the product, had the necessary skills, and were driven by a confidence that we could compete with the best.

We agreed that the core of our business decisions would be based on a number of principles. First…‘provide a quality product for a fair price’…second …‘take care of the customer, no matter what it takes’… and finally, as we were advised from our accountant, …’the people that make it are the ones that simply never give up!…We were determined to succeed.

Having a few hand tools, saw horses, a straight edge and some clamps, I started us out on our venture. Start with low overhead we thought, so Else’s garage became our first shop. One job proved …. this was not a good idea!

We quickly leased what we thought was a sizeable 2,000 sq. ft. shop, giving us an improved base of operations from which to work. Demand for our services and products took hold, and a quick, two years later, we were moving into our second building, now close to 5,000 sq. ft.

Business increased, employees hired, a contract with a large and growing box store outlet came along, and five years later, we were looking for our next building.

We found it, the perfect 9,000 sq. ft space. And the growth continued.

Now, 13 years from the start of our humble beginning, we watched as the walls of a 15,000 sq. ft. building we would own, went up. The few tools I had started with had evolved to automated and industrial floor equipment, some directed by computers, and with employees blessed with skills to produce amazing designs!

Now 10+ years later, we continue to hold to our core beliefs. We are grateful for the trust and praise our many customers have given us, and are excited to continue providing the best workmanship in the industry that all customers should expect and deserve.

Testimonials of Customers Who Took the Time to Send us Written Comments

Else & David Moe

“We recently had Corian countertops installed in our kitchen by your company. The countertops are absolutely magnificent and the “crown jewel” of our kitchen remodeling project.”

Stacy and Tom M.

“Many thanks to Daniel and Mike for the great job they did installing our countertops and inserts. Our kitchen looks great. Thanks to you, Else and Eric for being patient with us on our delay and many questions.”